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                                                           Our Beloved Emilie...

  Donnalea Van Vleet Goelz
PhD in Somatic Psychology
Executive Director of Continuum Movement

Continuum Movement:

Continuum Movement is a dynamic inquiry into what it is to be a human being, providing a method to consciously explore ourself as an unfolding biological and planetary process.  Water, and the fact that the body composition is mostly of water, is considered of great importance. Central goals of Continuum are the creation of health and wellness and how to free oneself from cultural and mechanistic constraints of modern society. It maintains movement is the message and the way.

Continuum Inc:

Continuum Inc’s mission is to continue the work and legacy of its founder Emilie Conrad Da’oud through education, workshops, and the ongoing support of the process called Continuum Movement.

May we all soar on the wings of love,