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Continuum Movement Body Wisdom Circle for Women

4-week Workshop Series
Dates: To Be Announced

Time: 6pm-8pm

Fee: $35 drop-in
($120 for 4-week series/$30 per class).

Location: Los Angeles, Silverlake area
(address furnished upon registration)

The practice of continuum creates an internal climate of cellular nourishment and renewed somatic vitality, by allowing a gentle dissolving of compression in the body's tissue and joints. Continuum builds on intuitive, fully embodied motion, that is novel and refreshing. It inspires a breaking through of physical and emotional "obstacles" that limit the flow of healing energy in the body. This Continuum Movement series is an all-levels somatically rejuvenating workshop, facilitated in a held, ritual space. This is a rare opportunity to go inward and re-invoke your own sacred movement meditation. Give yourself the gift of diving into the underworld of your body's ancient, fluid, nourishing aquatic wisdom.

In this workshop series you will:
Learn powerful but simple continuum movement practices, and gently be guided into your own movement meditation and free, embodied expression.
Experience moving beyond the (fear) limitations of your central nervous system and tap into the vast knowledge alive in your body's fluid intelligence.
Align with the flow of your natural, primordial rhythms, and soulful continuum wave motion.
Transform old resentments lingering in the enteric brain (the gut) and clear your path to psychic-somatic wholeness.
Climb out of cultural constriction, release the pain of an old story, and find clarity from the depths of your body-being.





Rekindle radiance
Repair rapture
Reinvent reality
To Re-right the world
Rewrite the world
(Coleen P. McIntyre, '08)

Daphne Georghiou, MFT, RSMT, CAMT
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Somatic Movement Therapist,
Holistic-Somatic Psychotherapist,
Halprin Life-Art Practitioner/
Associate Tamalpa Institute Teacher, LA.
Certified Continuum Movement Teacher,
Certified Acupressure Massage Technician.

Private 1:1 Continuum Movement /Halprin Sessions
Please call Daphne for fee or further information: 310-622-4594

FOCUS: I specialize in supporting busy, professional women, who feel disconnected from their inner strength and their feminine power, and who are suffering as a result--mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually. I help professional women connect with their higher purpose in life, particularly, if they are in the midst of loss, or a very challenging life-transition. I work with these women using the dynamic nature of the Life-Art Process, the cellular regenerating potency of Continuum Movement, and the universal wisdom of Energetic Healing tools.

Programs and Packages available—please inquire.

Therapy of Motion Studio or house calls in the Los Angeles area and San Francisco.
Please call Daphne at 310-622-4594 or
e-mail her at

Let yourself be guided in creative movement and expressive flow, for a regenerating somatic experience. Learn what it means to listen to your body. Find renewal in the wisdom of your own body and learn to access these rejuvenating tools at any time.
Connect with the interconnectedness of all life. Feel what it means to be one with everything. Regardless of background or ability, the gift of somatic awareness and creative expression is available to everyone. It is our birthright!

As a Halprin practitioner, and a Registered Somatic Movement Therapist, my sessions with clients come alive and are enriched by calling upon image, dialogue, poetic writing, natural movement and dramatic expression - all in the spirit of the creative potency that my work aims to inspire.

"The soul speaks to us through the arts and creativity, through story and metaphor, through rich and often ancient symbols, and through expressing authentically with soma, the body. Continuum Movement facilitates intensive somatic healing and regenerative work, using breath and sound vibration to tap into the wisdom of the body. The Life-Art process offers us a universal template for understanding the creative language of the soul beautifully--the language of symbolic imagery, and poetry of movement, art, drama, dance and performance."
Daphne Georghiou

For more information contact Daphne Georghiou
email or call 310-622-4594