Continuum in High School Classes

By Melanie Gambino

I am using Continuum as a part of my high school Health and
Wellness and Movement Classes at school as a way to introduce the
idea of Bio-intelligence and the Continuum Movement Philosophies
and Practices. I've found that working in this way of playing DVD's or
Pod-casts is very helpful in assisting students in making the
connection between the cognitive higher faculties and sensory
information that is often ignored or dismissed in the pace and anxiety
of teenage life. I have been working with the students in my class on
slowing down and learning to listen to not only the technointelligence
but to honor their bodies wisdom as well. This seems to
be a way for them to begin to understand their individual health and
wellness needs. In addition to physical health needs they seem to be
more open to exploring and discovering their bodies in new ways
through movement, breath, sound and open attention. This process
seems to assist them in discovering their own unique learning styles
and differences. Hopefully this will begin to foster a way for them to
accept and appreciate themselves as well as others and their unique
skills, talents and abilities while inspiring creativity.

I see the students beginning to gain new insights into the
relationship of what we call a body, body image and self-esteem. At an
age when Peak experiences and sensation are so heightened yet also
dismissed or made to be hidden or shut down due to social
acceptability, the way we explore Health and Wellness and creativity
in general within the context of our current educational model seems
to be very important to the evolution of not only the students but to
the model itself. As we all evolve and grow in this every changing
world of information and communication I see an ever-growing need
to develop our ability to respond and become more adaptable in what
we call teaching and modeling.

The more open and coherent the exchange between student and
teacher, the better chance we will all have in developing this new
relationship between" Info- gatherers" and "Info-Receivers and
Experiencers" as the interface of technology and bio-intelligence
melts the boundaries of hierarchy. As a Continuum Teacher I find
that one of my roles is to assist the students in discovering the
understanding between gathering information and learning through
experience. The ever present interplay between knowledge and
wisdom in a world that seems to be having some difficulty discerning
and merging the two